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Server Room Cooling

Server room cooling has become critical for businesses around the world.  Companies are storing valuable data and want to ensure that computer equipment is running at an optimal temperature to avoid overheating leading servers to slow down, shut down or totally crash and potentially lose data. This is why maintaining your computer room air conditioning (CRAC) equipment has become a financial and risk mitigation technique that many companies, facility managers and IT managers have adopted.  Calgary business owners and managers are asking, what is the cost of downtime if our server goes down?

Maintaining Your Calgary Data Center’s Critical Cooling System 

Reduce the risk with Arpi’s server room temperature control solutions in Calgary for small and large operations!  From new data center cooling system installations and modifications to ongoing preventative and predictive server room maintenance programs, Arpi’s offers a wide variety of solutions to meet all of your critical cooling needs.

* 24 hour emergency service and diagnostic repair

* Ongoing predictive and preventative data center maintenance programs

* New data center cooling installations, retrofits, replacements and modifications

* Humidification systems

* In-house sheet metal department

Calculating Your Server Room Cooling Needs 

Our knowledgeable project managers will work with you to help develop a long-term strategy for your ever-changing server room. We will determine heat load calculations to correctly size the proper system to meet your server room cooling demands. We will also work with you to gain an understanding of future expansion plans and which systems would be best suited to meet your needs. If you've already got a system in place, Arpi's can calculate cooling retrofits to save you money. 

Factory Trained Technicians

Arpi's has factory trained technicians for the brands Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, Vertiv and Liebert, but is able to support other brands as well.

mitsubishi server room coolingSchneider Electric data center cooling CalgaryVertiv data centre air conditioning systemsLiebert server room cooling in Calgary

Types of Data Center Air Conditioning Systems

  • Precision air conditioning systems
  • Direct expansion and chilled water cooled units
  • Chiller packages
  • Cooling towers
  • Dry coolers
  • Humidifiers
  • DDC Controls (Dedicated Domestic Changeover)