Industry Leader in BIM/VDC Delivery

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Over the last 15 years, Arpi’s has developed an in-house BIM/VDC department and become an industry leader in the delivery of a fully integrated and coordinated Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design Construction (VDC) model. Arpi’s experienced BIM/VDC team is unique because they have strong technical competency, but they are also licensed tradespeople. As a result, clients pride us on our ability to provide proven and practical real-world solutions. Our experienced BIM/VDC department is able to deliver models in whatever platform is required by the project team and is proficient at designing, coordinating and delivering architectural, structural and MEP models as required. 

From virtual layout to in-house fabrication, we take full advantage of today’s technology. We work closely with general contractors and consultants utilizing programs such as:

  • Navisworks Manage

  • Revit

  • AutoCAD MEP

  • Trimble Pipe Designer and Duct Designer


We model AutoCAD 3D in conjunction with Trimble Pipe Designer and Duct Designer.  We use Revit to utilize and dissect architectural/structural models and use Navisworks Manage to coordinate and run clash detections with other disciplines.


We utilize our models for offsite fabrication/spooling in our shop as well as creating site information drawings for our site installers showing location, size and elevation for all systems within our scope.  Using a fully coordinated BIM/VDC model is critical for job site scheduling and Arpi’s takes full advantage of this by utilizing our in-house fabrication shop and modular construction offerings. We fabricate a variety of components such as washroom skids, sheet metal, modular skids and coordinated mechanical rooms and use our BIM/VDC models for accurate job site material ordering to minimize construction waste.  Fabrication is a large part of the BIM/VDC process to ensure that schedules can be met and optimal sequencing and coordination among multiple trades can be relied upon ultimately resulting in cost savings to the owner. Uploads can be generated in either a DWG or NWC format for coordination purposes.


Arpi’s takes advantage of total robotic station technology to help bridge the gap between the virtual world and real world. Our onsite construction leaders have extensive experience with how to implement/construct a BIM/VDC project and understand the importance of following the model.


Benefits of working with Arpi's in-house BIM/VDC team:

  • Practical, real-world solutions

  • Minimize construction waste

  • Optimal sequencing and coordination of trades

  • Ability to meet schedules

  • Cost savings to owners