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Did you know that water heaters operating on hard water use up to 30% more energy? Make your water heater energy efficient and save!  

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Calgary Water Softeners

Living in Calgary we are fortunate to experience mountain fresh air and clean drinking water, but unfortunately, this fresh water has high levels of calcium and magnesium which cause hard water. Hard water can leave our hair and skin feeling dry and itchy, coat sinks and showers with white scaly residue, cause dull looking laundry and reduce the lifespan of our appliances. If you are experiencing issues with hard water in Calgary, installing a water softener may be the solution for your home. 

The Hard Truth About Hard Water in Calgary

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium, and while these minerals are not harmful, they coat everything that the water comes in contact with. When we take showers, hard water can prevent soap and shampoo from lathering and absorb into our hair leaving it feeling dull and heavy.

Hard water also leaves a white scaly residue in sinks, showers, kettles and appliances which requires more labour intensive cleaning and more money spent on cleaning products over time.

Hard water affects more than appearances and a concern is that it can corrode plumbing and hot water tanks sending you shopping for a new hot water heater sooner than expected.

How Hard is Calgary Water?

Calgary water hardness varies by region. North Calgary’s water supply is from the Bow River, while south Calgary’s water supply is from the Elbow River. Residents living in the south of Calgary may have harder water than those living in the north due to the higher concentration of calcium carbonate in the Elbow River. 

What Can I Do if I Have Hard Water?

If you have  hard water, an easy solution is to install a water softener in your home. A water softener is a unit with a mineral tank that holds a brine solution made from water softener salt. The hard water cycles through the unit which pulls the magnesium and calcium from the water. There are also saltless water softeners and reverse osmosis systems that soften your hard water. 

Water Softener Installation Calgary

We recommend hiring a professional when it comes to your home’s plumbing. Arpi’s has a team of qualified and trained plumbing experts to install your new water softener or replace your existing water softener. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each water softener installation.  If you'd like more information regarding a water softener or want help determining the best water softener for your home, please give us a call. 

What is the Best Water Softener?

There are a few different options you can consider when choosing a water softener for Calgary water. We can help you choose the best water softener unit for your home and your budget. 

Arpi’s recommends Aquamaster Water Softeners. Find information on Arpi's favourite water softeners.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Softener?

The cost to install a water softener depends on which unit you choose and whether you want to service just one part of your home or install a whole home water softener system. Call us or fill out our online form for a quote based on your needs.

Water softener financing may be available. Talk to an Arpi’s Technician Today to find out if you qualify.

Water Softener Maintenance & Repairs

By cleaning and maintaining your water softener unit you can avoid needing repairs.

Keeping your unit working well requires adding the right solution to your water softener system, cleaning the brine tank and replacing the resin. If you do not feel confident doing this yourself you can call an Arpi’s technician to do any maintenance or repairs on your water softener for you. If your water softener is not operating correctly, we can help.

Common Water Softener Problems

  • Water softener stopped working
  • Water softener is leaking
  • Low water pressure
  • Not softening water
  • Water has a salty taste
  • Salt build up outside water softener
  • No water in the tank
  • Water softener is not using the salt

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