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Damien McCusker, Manager of Arpi's residential service division, has been working in the HVAC industry for 16 years and has hands-on experience in new home installations, furnace and air conditioner replacements, sales and residential service. He spends most of his spare time being an UBER driver, driving his kids to soccer practice and games.

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Airflow Issues? Let Us Check Your Air Ducts


Even if you keep your home spotlessly clean and dust-free, you may still have bad indoor air quality. The fact is, contaminants, dust, dirt, mouse droppings and mold spores can accumulate in the air ducts within your walls. Completely unseen, these unhealthy substances can be harmful to you and your family as they circulate through the air in your home. Breathing in these substances can lead to asthma attacks for some, headaches and fatigue for others and even memory and concentration problems.

Newer homes are no exception to the rules. Here in Calgary, new homes are often so well insulated that the fresh air flow within the house is restricted to unhealthy levels. This recirculates stale air and can cause health problems for your family. Humid areas may develop within the ductwork causing mold growth. Many times the only problem is a comfort issue – if certain areas of the home are always too hot or too cold, you could have an air flow problem. Adjustments to the air ducts or other HVAC components can make every room in your house comfortable again.

Your local home comfort expert can conduct a thorough inspection to locate any problems in your air ducts or other parts of your home heating system. Regular inspections are a great way to find any small issues before they turn into big, costly problems. Annual air duct checks will discover any leaks in the systems that could become dangerous for your loved ones. You’ll get expert advice, energy-saving tips and cost-effective solutions for any issues found.

Contact us with any questions and get a free in-home estimate for any services you may need. We’re proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited business with an A+ rating.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information, click here to download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.


Arpi’s services Calgary, Alberta. To get started, check out our website or see our special offers.

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