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Annual Safety Check

Arpi's believes in the best possible standards of safety at work and at home, and furnace maintenance is part of those standards. In order to run at its most efficient and safest, an annual maintenance check is crucial. Arpi's makes that annual check-up fast and thorough.

Ask any firefighter, and you'll hear that an annual furnace check is highly recommended. Furnace manufacturers usually require proof of regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty solid, and Arpi's can provide that assurance.

An Annual Safety and Service Inspection will keep your heating system in peak operating condition. Our Service Technician will check for any potentially dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks in the home.

Call us today at 403-236-2444 to arrange your Annual Safety & Service Inspection. Alternatively, please complete the online form and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your inspection.

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What is included in our safety check?


  • Blower fan & motorAlignment & lubricateBearings, pulleys & beltsInducer fan & motor


  • Emergency shut off switch, 120 volt circuit, 24 volt circuit, Wiring connections, Circuit board, Thermostat


  • Pilot assembly, Thermocouple, Hot surface igniter, Flame sensor, Main burners

Gas Valve

  • Gas control value, Gas pressures, Gas leaks, Gas manifold & orifices

Switches & Controls

  • Furnace door interlock, Flame roll out, Pressure switch, Summer fan switch, Fan control, Limit control

Combustion Chamber

  • Heat exchanger, Combustion air intake, Fresh air intake, Chimney flues, Carbon monoxide levels