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Damien McCusker, Manager of Arpi's residential service division, has been working in the HVAC industry for 18 years and has hands-on experience in new home installations, furnace and air conditioner replacements, sales and residential service. He spends most of his spare time sharing his passion for soccer with his kids and enjoys watching them at soccer practice and games.

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Five Things Not to Flush Down the Toilet


Five Things Not to Flush Down the ToiletFor most homeowners, occasional plumbing problems seem to be almost inevitable. Toilets and sinks with clogs, pipes destroyed by tree roots, and many other plumbing incidents can merit a visit from a plumber. Luckily, many plumbing problems are preventable, especially clogged toilets, which are quite common. The first step is knowing what can and cannot be flushed.  Here are five common things not to flush down the toilet:

  1. Feminine hygiene products: No matter what the box says, pads, tampons, applicators, and wrappers should go in the trash can, not the toilet. Pads can swell to a very large size and clog pipes, and tampons, wrappers and applicators can get stuck in pipes, also causing clogs
  2. Diapers and wipes: It may be tempting to flush those, but both are things not to flush down the toilet, and can cause major plumbing problems
  3. Cigarette butts: Though cigarette butts may seem small and harmless, they don't decompose at all, and can remain trapped in pipes indefinitely.
  4. Cat litter: This might seem counter-intuitive, since cat waste should flush like human waste, but clumping litter can settle in pipes, or bond together, making a mess of your plumbing.
  5. Paper towels: Though paper towels and napkins may seem similar enough to toilet paper, both are usually designed to be thicker and more resilient, while toilet paper is made to dissolve in water.  Flushing anything thicker than toilet paper can create clogs very quickly.

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