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Damien McCusker, Manager of Arpi's residential service division, has been working in the HVAC industry for 16 years and has hands-on experience in new home installations, furnace and air conditioner replacements, sales and residential service. He spends most of his spare time being an UBER driver, driving his kids to soccer practice and games.

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Air Conditioner Upgrade: Features Every Homeowner Should Consider


Air Conditioner Upgrade: Features Every Homeowner Should ConsiderWith an air conditioner upgrade on the horizon, homeowners generally have to take a crash course in cooling systems in order to make a wise choice. Armed with some information about features, you can maximize your investment.

The efficiency of your air conditioner upgrade is generally determined by the features your system uses. Certain features allow an A/C to operate more efficiently by using less energy, as well as enhancing home comfort.

Here are several features you’ll want to consider:

  • A thermal expansion valve (TXV) – These valves meter the amount of refrigerant that moves through your system to enhance efficiency.
  • Variable-speed air handler – With an air handler that can operate at multiple speeds, your system can adjust its output to meet climate demands during extreme temperatures. Additionally, during mild temperatures, the air handler will run continuously at a lower speed, which helps to produce even home temperatures and a comfortably cooled home.
  • Noise – Air conditioners do make noise, so make sure that your new system uses technology such as a well-insulated casing to reduce sound levels.
  • Fan switch – With this option, you can choose to run the A/C on fan-only mode, which will signal the air handler to power up without causing the A/C to cycle on, which will reduce energy costs but keep air circulating through your home.
  • Fan delay – With the ability to run the fan only for a few minutes after the A/C cycles off, the air handler will keep running for a short period of time, pushing all of the conditioned air through the ducts and recirculating the air, maximizing your energy dollars.
  • Filter reminders – Some units will remind you when it’s time to change the air filter. After a certain number of hours of operation, the “reminder” light will come on and indicate that it’s time to change the filter.

With enhanced features that give you more control over energy use and comfort, your air conditioner upgrade will keep you in “energy savings” mode over its life, and boost home comfort. For more information, contact Arpi’s Industries today! We’ve been serving greater Calgary-area homeowners for almost 50 years.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). For more information about an air conditioner upgrade and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

Arpi’s services Calgary, Alberta. Visit our website to see our special offers to get started today!

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