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Damien McCusker, Manager of Arpi's residential service division, has been working in the HVAC industry for 16 years and has hands-on experience in new home installations, furnace and air conditioner replacements, sales and residential service. He spends most of his spare time being an UBER driver, driving his kids to soccer practice and games.

Why You Shouldn't Attempt DIY HVAC Repairs

Damien McCusker

When your heating or cooling system stops working, you may be tempted to try to fix it yourself to save time and money. Unless you are a qualified HVAC professional, however, you should resist this temptation. Here are some of the reasons why DIY HVAC repairs can be a bad idea.

DIY HVAC repairs may not be safe

Furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners are complex pieces of equipment. Many of the components can be dangerous to work with if you aren’t familiar with them. A piece of HVAC equipment could expose you to a serious electrical shock. A minor shock could cause physical harm, but there’s enough electricity flowing through an HVAC system that you could be fatally electrocuted. If you’re working with a piece of equipment that uses refrigerant, you could be exposed to this harmful substance if there is a leak. Errors could cause electrical fires or, in gas-fueled systems, fires and explosions.

DIY HVAC repairs may void the equipment warranty

Many equipment manufacturers make it a condition of the warranty that repairs be done by a qualified and licensed HVAC specialist. If you try to fix your HVAC system yourself, it could void the warranty, leaving you with no recourse if the equipment fails during the time span of the warranty.

DIY HVAC repairs may cost you more in the long run

If you try to repair your HVAC system without the knowledge to do so, you could end up making the problem worse. You could cause more problems without realizing you’ve done it. You could break or damage important system components, or install something improperly. If these things happen, you are likely going to have to call an HVAC pro to reverse the damage and repair the equipment properly. This will require additional expense.

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